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Celebrating The Spring Equinox Even If You're an Introvert

You might've felt a shift in energy last week when Daylight Savings ended and time was pushed forward an hour. And if it wasn't then, you might have felt the energy move last Tuesday when Mercury moved into Aries and your inbox suddenly became flooded with urgent messages. And yet, if you still didn't feel any change, perhaps you will today, when the sun enters Aries kicking off the Spring Equinox and the beginning of the spring season.

And while that's fine and dandy for extroverts that are sick of winter, what happens to introverts who dread the change of the season?

Speaking from the introvert camp, who thrives on the introspective and peaceful times that winter brings, I, myself, struggle to switch over to spring year after year.

And if you fall in the same boat as I do, I want to let you know that you're not alone; in fact needing alone time to recharge from social events has become an increasing side effect from the pandemic that's not subsiding any time soon.

So while the springtime is a lovely season for reuniting with friends and enjoying the fair weather, what it also brings is societal pressure to say yes to every invitation that comes through.

Soon enough the social calendar will be full from seasonal holidays, much needed vacations and brunches that were promised back before the holidays.

But instead of running yourself ragged to keep up with the Joneses, consider focusing on only attending events that truly nourish your personhood and feed your wellbeing.

We at The Psychedelic Sisterhood continue to host events that serve this community with the intention of bringing folx together through the education and destigmatization of psychedelics. And it is our goal to support and give space to connect with likeminded individuals who share the same values and mission.

And with that said, I hope you'll be able to join us tonight for our beautiful Spring Equinox Ceremony, hosted by Pammy and our team of dedicated volunteers.

Tickets purchased for this event include ambient musical performances paired with sensory experiences like sacred cacao, a treat from our consumption bar, shared snacks, LIVE sound bath, breath work, yoga and meditation all designed to open up the mind's eye moving energy through the body, awakening it from the deep slumber of winter.

You'll get to shake out the dust of winter leaving yourself open to the budding spring energy and the opportunity to bond with your community in an intimate share-circle. To close out the evening, tarot card readings will be available on a first come first serve basis to help give you guidance to the season ahead.

The Psychedelic Sisterhood Spring Equinox Potluck Party
Join us tonight for the Psychedelic Sisterhood Potluck!

If you can't make it, here are some other events coming up if you are craving community after the long winter:

The Psychedelic Sisterhood presents Speed-Friending Event
Join us on March 23, 2024 for Speed-Friending

I can say with full confidence that this event is perfect for an introvert looking to meet new people under conditions that are safe and inviting.

Icebreakers and conversation starter cards are handed out to each table ensuring that there is never an awkward moment...unless you intentionally want there to be. Included in your ticket is a drink ticket to help with nerves.

And after 2 hours, You'll walk away with a few more friendly faces you'll likely see at other Psychedelic Sisterhood events so think of this as a pre-hangout with friends you'll see regardless of any additional hangouts you plan.

Tickets to Speed-friending can be purchased here


Next up, here's what's to come for Cannabis Week since 420 is extra special this. year.

Cannabis Week 2024 - The Psychedelic Sisterhood Event
The Psychedelic Sisterhood Presents Cannabis Week 420

🥬 Sex and Cannabis - A presentation and discussion with (super kind and sweet elder) Shelly Wininger who will chat with us about her personal experiences exploring psychedelics later in life and how experimenting with different cannabinoids helped her flourish in many ways.

💐 Plant Medicine Ceremony with @_mycelium7 - During this ceremony we'll sit with the ancient plant medicine and explore the depths of our humanity in a beautiful and intentional container.

🧘🏻‍♀️Toke N'Yoga - This is a class we've been wanting to put together since 2022! Cannabis and movement combine to help you explore their partnership and we can't wait to premiere this class!

For the latest updates make sure you follow us on Instagram and are subscribed to the newsletter!

And if you want to collaborate with us for an event during Cannabis Week, please email us at


To close, if there's one takeaway I'd like for you to have from this post, it's this...

You are the one who sets the pace for your life, so take it easy when you need to rest.

Remember that the season has only just begun and you are in no pressure to conform to it so feel free to celebrate the Spring Equinox the way you see fit.


Your supporting astrologer,


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