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The Psychedelic Sisterhood Blog: A Rare Safe Space on the Internet

Hello dear friends, and strangers yet to become friends👋🏼

My name is Babs and I write to you as a fellow member of the Psychedelic Sisterhood since last year. I'm an astrologer, writer, and activist working to casually dismantle the patriarchy using astrology and psychedelics.

The practice of using psychedelics shares the same radical spirit of learning the language of astrology, both deeply taboo topics by nature. Yet both (and many other similar traditions) unlock the power of self discovery and self awareness as we learn and relate ourselves to others. Through this knowledge we learn about the interconnectedness that transcends our differences giving us the power to free ourselves from our oppressors who often use tactics to divide, conquer and control us.

But before preparing to write for this blog (trust, it's been a few months in the making), I asked Pammy and other facilitators what would be the most helpful posts for readers experimenting with psychedelics?

The answer I got was information and connection, writing honest portrayals about my personal experiences with psychedelics because many of us find it difficult to describe what happens during a trip sensationally speaking and equally difficult to contextualize what it has done for us.

What we do know is that taking psychedelics has changed us profoundly.

Have you experienced profound change since taking psychedelics?

  • 0%Absolutely, yes

  • 0%I'm not too sure

  • 0%Other

Keeping in mind the value of information and connection, the types of blog posts that you can expect are first person accounts of the handful of times I've experimented with psychedelics, some crowd sourced useful guides on topics such as tripping "etiquette" or the unspoken rules of trip sitting, a newbie guide to reduce harm and create a safe environment for trips, etc.

The mission of The Psychedelic Sisterhood is to create safe spaces for womxn-identifying and non-binary persons to rediscover their relationship to the cosmos and the divine feminine through altered states, encouraging the examination of alternative healing methods to help keep us grounded, to become aware of our shadow selves, and to commit to radical acceptance.

In fact, it wasn't until joining The Psychedelic Sisterhood that my psychedelic journey became a deeply healing one due to the numerous amounts of experiences facilitated and organized by The Psychedelic Sisterhood.

As I produce more blog posts, I ask you to think of this as an open dialogue. I will be asking you to reflect on whether or not your experiences differed as I’m sure it did, and if you feel safe, to comment on your own journey as it pertains to the topic in the post but if you don't, feel free to email me privately. The goal here is information and connection after all and these will be on your terms.

If you are into astrology, there’s some extra things for you at the bottom of these posts, and if you aren’t a fan, you can leave it.

There will be moments within a blog post where I’ll ask what your triumphs and breakthroughs were within your psychedelic journeys as I will proudly tell you mine, and through this, maybe, just maybe, we can take the stigma away from what the outside world thinks about our recreational choices.

My greatest desire and hope is that whoever reads this, feels like they belong here, feels seen and heard here; and at the very least that you feel welcomed to be exactly who you are without fear of judgment.


You'll be reading this after the full moon in Aquarius which happened on August 1, 2023 which is a moon energy that helps us find our community. Aquarius is the foreigner, the alien, the outlandish, the different one, yet also has deeply humanitarian values. Aquarius is the water bearer, water being emotional intelligence, knowledge, wisdom etc and therefore becomes the custodian, the innovator, the radical, the free spirit, free thinker, and futurist.

In many ways the values of The Psychedelic Sisterhood embody Aquarian energy making it a lovely time to reflect on what this organization has brought to your life. What people have you met, friends you've made through events hosted by this and other societies like it? Specifically thinking about the community connections made in the past six months since the Aquarius new moon.

It's a time to reflect and be grateful for those who align with your values and missions and to let others who don't, go, so that they can find the people that align with them.

Please know that whatever you let go of that which no longer has a place in your life or your heart, that you won’t feel empty or without, rather, you are making space for things that do belong, that do serve, and that fill you up with so much joy that it overflows.

Giving yourself the chance to experience something new is exactly why psychedelics might call to you to begin with and embracing this very mindset will make room for the good that’s left to experience.

There's lots of things (ie: events) The Psychedelic Sisterhood has brewing especially in September and your best bet to be on the pulse is to be on the newsletter list. Click here for the ➡️ newsletter ⬅️ for all the latest updates. Until then see you in Virgo Season!

Your supporting astrologer,

Babs Cheung

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