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Happy 420 and Welcome to Taurus Season!

From earthquakes to whipping winds, it may not seem like Spring has sprung but it's definitely underway.

After a week of events leading up to 420, we hope you enjoyed the programming we had on offer. Today marks the crown jewel of events, our annual 420 picnic and potluck. if you haven't gotten tickets yet, here is the link, it goes from 1-5 pm, join us!

Here's how the past week's events went, be sure to follow us on Instagram

Day 1 of Cannabis Week: Budding Friends

Day 3 of Cannabis Week: Sex and Cannabis (POSTPONED)

Day 4 of Cannabis Week: Smoke and Sound (POSTPONED to this Thursday 4/25)

Have an idea for an event? Let us know here

As the cosmos align for a slower moving season, and Mercury retrograde ends its backwards motions on April 25, 2024 it's important to refocus on your relationship with rest and burnout for the rest of the week.

And as we continue to survive under a capitalistic regime built on the work produced by its people, please remember that your act of rest and relaxation is a form of activism.

You putting yourself first before the demands of the world is an act of self love. And when you fill your own cup. you have the ability to do great things for those you love.

And we all deserve the space and time to fill up our cup.

Mercury Retrograde brings a wisdom that is not only humbling by eye-opening. Reflect on what you learned since April 1, 2024 about yourself in regard to how you view action taking or the way you might have gotten agitated at the mix-ups, sudden cancellations or tech mishaps.

And when Mercury goes direct by the end of next week, you'll be surprised at the patience and insight you've gained into how you approach the life's snafus.

Before then, we've got a full moon in Scorpio on April 23, 2024 which can be an intense period especially if you're not familiar with shadow work. Take the time to meditate and think about the things you no longer need to hang onto. Scorpio's deep insight is known to give some tower moments, or moments that serve as a reminder that you've got to change your path because this one leads to a dead end.

When we release our burdens, we leave room for the aligned energetic opportunities that support our longterm growth.

Onto what's going on in the community in the next month:

(More updates to come, subscribe for the latest news)

Join us May 24, 2024 from 1-4pm for our Psychedelics 101 Lecture in collaboration with @Brujasxcabinet and @Hemplab_nyc

We will be covering the basis and ethics of navigating your own personal psychedelic journey, testing kits, harm reduction, dosing, as well as self development practices/meditative exercises that can be utilized to develop your own spiritual/mental health practices,

And lastly, if you share our core beliefs and would like to volunteer and help the Psychedelic Sisterhood grow, reach out here


Your supporting astrologer,


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